ecobirimingham’s Northfield Ecocentre has been supporting a wide range of organisations delivering award winning community food growing spaces since 2009 as part of sustainability and health and wellbeing programmes that combine community activism, schools programmes and capacity building. In 2017, one of our gardens came 3rd nationally in the Cultivation Street awards.

The Power2Grow project idea, originates from our community food and environmental education programme. In our gardens, we run education sessions for children, families, people who want to improve their mental health or want to gain useful skills to get back into the world of work.

How does it work?


To maximise employment, education and health benefits of community gardens including skills development, volunteer management, community engagement as well as food production, marketing and distribution.


  • The skills, confidence and health and well-being of volunteers and staff at community organisations will be increased
  • Community food growing organisations will be better networked
  • The impact of each community growing space will be maximised
  • More people will be able to access and benefit from food growing spaces
  • Improved networks and increased capacity will strengthen the city’s approach to tackling food security, food waste and food poverty

Food Growing Services:

  • 7-10 days of direct and tailored developmental support and training to 5 community organisations per year – planning, mentoring, courses.
  • A substantial programme of resources, networking events and capacity building to the participating growing projects.



In 2017 we helped Allens Cross Community Gardens produce 185KG of fresh fruit and veg for their community. This was equivalent to 2,313 meals or £1,109.34. What could you do for your community with your growing space?


For more information and to find out how we can help you, contact us on

ediblebrum@ecobirmingham.com or 0121 4480119

Case studies

Allen’s Cross Community GardenSince 2015 we have provided 2 days a week support to Allens Cross Community Association to deliver a community growing space for the Trescott housing estate. The Association had no experience of running a community garden... Read more
Growing FoodWe helped Allens Cross Community Garden Centre produce 185kg of fruit and veg in 2017 valued at £1,109.34 and equivalent to 2,313 meals. What could you do with your community? Read more